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Emergency Dentistry

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At Flossy Dental Group, we understand that dental emergencies can be both unexpected and distressing. Our dedicated team of dental professionals is here to provide immediate, compassionate care when you need it the most. Whether it’s a broken tooth, severe toothache, or a lost filling, we’re equipped to handle your dental emergencies in Harbor City, CA promptly and efficiently.

Understanding Dental Emergencies

A dental emergency is any situation involving your teeth or gums that requires immediate attention. This can include severe pain, such as a toothache that disrupts daily activities, or physical trauma resulting in chipped, broken, or knocked-out teeth. Other emergencies might involve lost fillings, crowns, or bridges, bleeding or swollen gums, or signs of an abscess. Recognizing these conditions as emergencies is crucial for timely treatment and prevention of further complications. 

First Steps In A Dental Emergency

The best course of action in a dental emergency is to visit our office right away, but there are some steps you can take before arriving to maximize the possibility of saving your tooth.

For A Knocked-Out Tooth

Time is critical. Gently rinse the tooth without scrubbing the root and try to reinsert it in its socket. If that’s not possible, keep it moist in milk or saliva. Avoid touching the root as much as possible.

For Severe Toothache

Clean your mouth by rinsing it with warm water. Use dental floss to dislodge any trapped food. If pain persists, contact us immediately for an appointment.

For Broken Or Chipped Teeth

Collect any tooth fragments. Rinse your mouth and the pieces with warm water. Apply a cold compress to the face near the broken tooth to reduce swelling, and contact us promptly.

Our Emergency Support

At Flossy Dental Group, we offer a comprehensive range of emergency dental services. Our priority is to relieve your discomfort quickly and effectively. We provide thorough examinations, including x-rays if necessary, to assess the extent of the damage. Our team is skilled in various emergency procedures, from applying temporary restorations to performing more complex treatments. We also ensure a follow-up treatment plan is in place, focusing on long-term dental health and prevention of future emergencies.

When To Visit The Emergency Room

There are situations when a dental emergency requires more than a visit to the dentist. If you experience severe swelling or bleeding that doesn’t stop, or if you’ve had a significant injury to your face or jaw, it’s important to visit the emergency room immediately. Symptoms of an infection, such as a high fever or significant facial swelling, also warrant immediate medical attention. In these cases, seeking urgent medical care is necessary.

Preventing Dental Emergencies

While not all dental emergencies can be prevented, there are steps you can take to minimize your risk. 

  • Regular dental check-ups allow for early detection and treatment of potential issues. 
  • Wearing mouthguards during sports activities can protect your teeth from trauma. 
  • Additionally, avoiding hard foods like ice or hard candy can prevent tooth fractures. 

Good oral hygiene and protective measures can significantly reduce the likelihood of unexpected dental emergencies.

Our Commitment To You

Choosing Flossy Dental Group for your emergency dental care means receiving expert treatment from a team that values your well-being. Our skilled professionals are experienced in handling a wide range of dental emergencies, ensuring that you receive the best possible care. We offer same-day appointments to address your concerns without delay. Our practice is not just about treating your immediate symptoms; we are committed to providing a compassionate, comforting environment where your health and comfort are our top priorities.

Choose us as your trusted partner in managing dental emergencies and maintaining your dental health. Call today to schedule your visit!

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