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Dr. Kim Lemire has been a beacon of dental excellence in the South Bay area for nearly a decade. Her approach to dentistry is deeply rooted in her experiences as a mother of two and as a former refugee in East Dallas, where she understood the importance of community and compassionate care. Dr. Lemire specializes in both general and pediatric dentistry, skillfully combining her expertise with a mother’s touch to make dental visits a positive experience for children and adults alike.

Her commitment to the community extends beyond the dental office, as she actively participates in local sports and school activities with her family. Dr. Lemire’s passion for exploring new cultures and places is reflected in her love for traveling, bringing a broad perspective to her practice and patient care.

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Dr. Stephanie Clark’s journey in dentistry began at the University of Washington. After moving to Long Beach and then Inglewood, she has embraced the South Bay community as her home. Dr. Clark’s approach to dental care is holistic, focusing on understanding her patients and their families to provide personalized and comprehensive dental services.

Her love for exploration is evident in her adventures through the diverse landscapes of California and her appreciation for culinary delights. Dr. Clark is also a fan of the arts, enjoying reading, live music, and theater. Her enthusiasm for life and dentistry makes her a cherished member of the Flossy Dental Group, committed to delivering exceptional dental care.

Dr. Lin Thu, a Summa Cum Laude graduate from UCLA School of Dentistry, brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to Flossy Dental Group. Born in Myanmar and calling Southern California home for over 15 years, Dr. Lin combines his diverse background with a deep commitment to providing high-quality dental care. His dedication to continuous education, especially in the field of dental implants, ensures that he brings the latest and most effective treatments to his patients.

A self-proclaimed basketball fanatic, Dr. Lin’s energy and enthusiasm extend beyond dentistry. His love for sports, travel, and exploring new places with friends and family adds a dynamic and engaging aspect to his personality, greatly appreciated by both his team and patients.

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